Mateo Qolisese
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Mateo Qolisese

Player Name
Mateo Qolisese
How does being an athlete makes you a better person?
Being an athlete instills in me moral values such as integrity, hard-work, being an honest person on and off the field and trying to achieve my goals every single day.
What do you like about playing alongside your teammates?
The free flow of the Fijian style of Rugby, when any player from 1-23 can toss the rugby ball any how. Plus the spirit and the enthusiasm that an individual have during training and also during a rugby match.
What is you ‘WHY’ / the reason or person you play the game for?
I play for my Country, the passion I have for the game, my Koro Tikina, Yasana, and also for my family.
What’s your favorite song that hypes you up before any game?
Fijian songs to give some Ajah vibes.
What’s your favorite sports movie?
“The Victorious”.
How do you focus before you play?
Listening to Fijian Music, if music is not allowed then sharing a joke with a fellow team mate to keep the hype up.
After a good performance, what is one thing you always do?
Take my wife and daughter for a dinner out and later join the brothers for a bowl of kava.
Do you have a self motivational quote / scripture / other that inspires your performance?
“How you train is how you play”.
How do you relax away from rugby?
Play guitar and sing along with the family.
Describe yourself in two words?
Humble & Lethal
What are your plans / dreams after you finish playing rugby?
Continue with my education and chill somewhere away from the motherland.