Galaxy Kaji Rugby
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Since its inauguration in 2002 the Fiji Primary School Rugby Union has grew in intensity and popularity moving past its 10 years of existence and steadily progressing into the future.Kaji rugby has the largest representative of players under the Fiji Rugby Union as our total number of players actively playing in an organized competition is 59% of the total rugby population under the FRU.
Kaji rugby is the climax of Fiji Primary Schools Rugby Union calendar whereby  teams coming in have chosen their best from within their district to represent them.  Their achievement in the tournament indicates their rank in the different age group category.The Fiji Primary Schools Rugby Union has also proactively moved the games to different venues over the years so that patrons can feel the festive atmosphere that is experienced during each annual tournament.
Kaji Rugby has achieved its mission in developing and exposing the raw talents of our children where some of them are now playing professional rugby around the world today.