HFC Bank Bainimarama Challenge
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The winner of the 2019 Vodafone Vanua Cup will be the holder of the 2019 Fiji Rugby Union Bainimarama Shield. The top four senior teams in the 2019 Vanua Cup will challenge the holder of the Bainimarama shield. Yasawa is the Current Holder of the 2019 Bainimarama shield and will be challenged by Nanukuloa, Ovalau, and Lautoka.

Yasawa Rugby Union with Consultation with Fiji Rugby Union will decide the order of challenges which will not change once confirmed regardless of whether any holder of the trophy is beaten during the course of the 2019 Bainimarama Shield Challenge Series.

There will be four Challenge series matches which will be held on 29th June where Nanukuloa will be the first challenger, 5th July as Ovalau will challenge the Bainimarama shield, 12 July Lautoka will have their shot before July 20 when the final game between the Bainimarama shield holder and Farebrother Trophy Holder will battle it out.