Immanuel Naciva
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Immanuel Naciva

Player Name
Immanuel Naciva
How does being an athlete makes you a better person?
keeps me healthy and active
What do you like about playing alongside your teammates?
forming that brothers bond for a very long time
What is you ‘WHY’ / the reason or person you play the game for?
play for my family because they have been there with me through all
What’s your favorite song that hypes you up before any game?
What’s your favorite sports movie?
How do you focus before you play?
listen to music and read my bible and pray
After a good performance, what is one thing you always do?
eat a big meal
Do you have a self motivational quote / scripture / other that inspires your performance?
working hard beats talent when talent fails to work hard
How do you relax away from rugby?
watch movies
Describe yourself in two words?
food lover
What are your plans / dreams after you finish playing rugby?
open a restaurant