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Yasawa benefits from Level 1 Coaching and Match Officiating

Fiji National Sports Commission through Fiji Rugby Union Development Unit held a 4-day Training of Trainer program for Match Officiating and Coaching level 1 at Kase village, Naviti Yasawa.

8 coaching participants and 7 match officials benefited from the 4-day program.

The main drive behind this programme is to encourage youths and adults around this region in to match officiating(Referee) and Coaching.

The programme introduces the participants into these two platforms, and also empowers them to take ownership of their own tournaments instead of bringing Match Officials from outside their islands, and introduced their local coaches into professional coaching whilst developing their teams to a professional level.

Fiji Rugby Union Referee Unit Manager Johnson Lee and Fiji Rugby Union Development Officer Lionel Danford were part of the 3 day programme as they assisted the sports development officers with their Level Rugby Training for Coaching and MOs.

Participants were introduced to online registration while Lee and Danford guided them through their online readings and exams which was compulsory for all participants.

Lee explained that MO and Coaching participants worked together on the portfolio, values and principles of Rugby and shared their ideas through group work and demonstrations.

“MOs then moved on to the importance of communication, Referee Preparations, Positional Skills and did practical work on the Referees Checklists.”

Danford said that coaching participants went through coaching Process and were introduced to key elements and principles of coaching.

“They learned about core principles and Coachable Components, Key Factors and Functional Roles and then they coached a Skill Session to test their knowledge.”

On the third day of the FNSC program, these aspiring MOs and coaches got to work with the kids on a Get Into Rugby program for the students of Rt Apenisa Memorial School.

Through this FNSC program these youths will set up their district sports association and will create tournaments where these course participants will coach local teams and MO will officiate at the tournament.



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