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Local players hone their craft during this isolation period

Skipper competition brings out thousands of people from various provinces across the country to watch and support their provincial teams competing for the pinnacle rugby title title in the country. 

Covid-19 upended this years Domestic rugby calendar, however all provincial teams have lay out their training program for players to follow through to be ready once the competition commences.

Coaches are resorting to various ways in keeping their game plan going and staying connected with players while apart. 

While coaches and trainers provide players with their training plan, players are also resorting to other ways such as farming to keep fit.

2019 Fiji Rugby Union Coach of the year Senirusi Seruvakula explained how this unprecedented time is also an opportunity for coaches and players to sharpen up their rugby caliber. 

He explained that this is a perfect time for players to watch their previous games and identify areas they should work hard on, touch up on these areas and sharpen up their skills, as the isolation period is the right time for players to hone up their individual skills.

“This is a good time to plan and review games from last year, set out your plans on how you would like to execute your gameplay when competition recommences.” 

Most of our local coaches and trainers have set out plans which are sent out to players to follow through on what they want delivered when Skipper is back on track. 

The introduction of FRU Development online coaching and skills content is also a major boost providing coaches and players the most needed resources. 

This crisis leaves us in an unfavourable situation but if added in the right strategies, we can emerge from it better and ready than ever. 




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