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Young girls inspired by Fijiana 7s

Former Fiji rugby representative Daniele Tabuakuru, praised the Fijiana 7s team for their gallant effort at the Olympic Games and reflected on the impact they’ve made towards women’s rugby in the country.

Tabuakuru was part of the national team from 2002-2007 and he featured in international tournaments such as in Paris, London and Chile to name a few.

The former Suva rugby team utility backline said the Olympic bronze medalists made an impact in the lives of many young girls and that was a new change he saw after the Tokyo Olympics in Japan.

“Sitting at home watching young girls talking about rugby and how they wanted to become Fijiana players and represent Fiji in the World Sevens Series and in the Olympics made me realize how the Fijiana 7s team has really inspired these young girls to love rugby,” said Tabuakuru.

“As Fijians we love our rugby but comparing the love of rugby to these young girls after the Tokyo Olympics is another achievement Fiji Rugby has earned.

“We understand that netball is loved by many young girls and some who prefer basketball and other sports but the Fijiana 7s team impacted the lives of these young children and rugby is also an opportunity they can succeed and make their families and country proud.

Tabuakuru added with gender equality in rugby and other sports being highlighted, women’s rugby stepped up a notch into recruiting and developing a good number of players for the next few years.

“They can’t all be netball or basketball players and rugby just proved itself that anyone can become an Olympian through rugby,” Tabuakuru said.

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