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Yasawa to play Macuata in Vodafone Vanua Championship final

The Fiji Rugby Union has today confirmed that the final of the Vodafone Vanua Championship which will be played at Lawaqa Park on Friday will be between Macuata and Yasawa.

This after the Judicial Officer heard both parties on the appeal made by Bua Rugby Unions and upheld the decision of the semi-final where Yasawa beat Bua 21-20 at Subrail Park a fortnight ago.

Both parties were present during the hearing and have been advised of the decision. They have accepted the ruling of the Judicial Officer.

Yasawa will also now progress to the Skipper Cup alongside Macuata next season.  

The Vodafone Vanua Championship final between Macuata and Yasawa will be played at 6pm, while the Royal Tea Ranadi Cup final between Rewa v Navosa takes place at 2pm. 

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