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Yasawa remains in Vodafone Vanua Championship final, Bua given time to appeal

The Fiji Rugby Union has confirmed that after considering the email complaint from Bua Rugby Union and the evidence provided by Suva Rugby Union and considering the provisions of the Terms of Participation for the 2022 Fiji Rugby Vodafone Vanua Championship, we have upheld the outcome of the Bua v. Yasawa match played on Saturday which was won by Yasawa 21 – Bua 20.

Bua Rugby Union has, however, been given the opportunity to appeal the decision within 48 hours of them receiving the decision from Fiji Rugby and if they exercise their right to appeal, the matter will be referred to the World Rugby accredited Judicial Officer for consideration.

Mr. O’Connor added that anticipating an appeal from Bua against the decision, we have also made the decision to defer the final to next week.


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