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World Rugby Training & Education for Taveuni Rugby

Out-door session at Wairiki, Taveuni

In a display of love and passion for the sport, the rugby community in Taveuni has embraced a World Rugby Training & Education initiative, taking a significant step towards enhancing the skills and answering to World Rugby’s Number One Priority which is Player Welfare.

The World Rugby Courses for Rugby 7s and 15s clubs, has brought together Coaches, Medical First Aiders, Principle of Leadership & Management participants, Match & Citing Commissioners in a collective effort to upskill the local people on the garden island.

Lionel Danford the National Development Manager at Fiji Rugby shared that the training goes beyond the technicalities of the game as the initiative places a strong emphasis on building a robust rugby community.

“Attendees have gathered not only to enhance their individual skills but also to forge connections and ensure a legacy of excellence both on and off the field,’ said Danford.

“The overarching goal is aligned with World Rugby’s number one priority, which is player welfare. This signifies not just an upskilling endeavor but a collective commitment to the well-being of every player involved.”

“The rugby community in Taveuni, now equipped with new skills and a strengthened sense of unity, is poised to contribute to the continued growth and success of rugby on Fiji’s third largest island, added Danford.

The initiative, spanning five-days, commenced last week on Thursday and Friday, continued this week on Monday, ends today on the picturesque surroundings of Wairiki.

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