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Women’s behind Fiji Rugby’s daily operations

As the world marked the Women’s International Day earlier on Monday, Fiji Rugby would like to take this opportunity and thank the women part of the sport over the years.

One third of the staff working at Fiji Rugby house are females and they are playing significant roles in the productivity of rugby in the country.

Fiji Rugby Human Resources manager Sharon Wati said she has never regretted joining the organization that has always been male dominated.

“I joined Fiji Rugby in 2019. Initially when I applied I was discouraged by some of my friends that my application will not be accepted as Fiji Rugby is known for male dominated organization,” said Wati.

“However this did not discourage me as I believed in myself and my potentials and my appointment was purely based on merit and I’m thankful to the CEO John O’Connor and the Fiji Rugby board for their great leadership and promoting equal employment opportunity.

“I am proud to be part of the FRU family whereby we treat each other with respect and for this year’s International Women’s Day theme I Choose to Challenge, encouraged me to challenge other women and myself to believe in your worth by not limiting your challenge but challenge your limits.

Women have played a vital role in Fiji Rugby in the past leading to many successful achievements of our national 7s and 15s team for both men and women teams.

Joshika Mala in the finance department is proud to be part of a family that builds a character and a better image of a nation in and off the rugby pitch.

“We are extremely proud to be a part of Fiji Rugby and we do get opportunities to work hand in hand with the men whether it be inside the office or out on the fields,” said Mala.

“Fiji Rugby is always welcoming opportunities for women’s involvement. There are indeed certain challenges faced at times but it is all about speaking up and challenging man dominated culture at work.

“Rugby was started by men but it was perfected by women.”

Meanwhile Fiji Rugby Women’s Development Manager Vela Naucukidi challenges all women to be that change in Fiji Rugby and in the lives of people.

“Although the challenges pertaining to women empowerment will not vanish overnight, the emergence of effective women-leadership during the COVID pandemic has presented us with strong role models,” she said.

“This pandemic and the transition to the new normal is an excellent opportunity for us to stop and reflect about the status of women in rugby, to explore ways to strengthen women participation, and most importantly, to promote gender equity.”

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