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Vancouver 7s Draw Announcement: Fiji Airways Fiji 7’s teams face fierce pools in Vancouver

The highly anticipated draws for the upcoming Vancouver 7s have been revealed, setting the stage for an intense competition next month.

The Fiji Airways Fijian Men’s and Fijiana 7s teams have been drawn into challenging pools.

In Pool D of the Men’s competition, the Fiji Airways Fijian 7s is gearing up for an intense battle against Perth winner Argentina, hosts Canada, and Spain.

On the other side of the competition, the Fiji Airways Fijiana 7s team is set to make waves in Pool B.

Their pool includes table leaders Australia, Japan, and the USA.

Both teams are known for their resilience and will be ready to take on this challenge head-on as they aim to stamp their mark in Vancouver.

In the Men’s division, following a commendable performance at the Perth 7s, the Fiji Airways Fiji 7s team stands strong in second place with 44 points, trailing just behind the Perth 7s champions, Argentina.

Australia, sharing the same point tally, ahead of South Africa with 42 points.

In the Women’s division, the Fiji Airways Fijiana 7s team currently holds the 7th position after bowing out of the quarterfinals in Perth and securing 6 points.

As they enter the Vancouver 7s, they are determined to climb the rankings and add more points to their tally.

Currently, Australia women dominates the table with 58 points.

The Vancouver 7s is scheduled to kick off from the 23rd to the 25th of February.

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