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Tuiloa’s tenure as ICEO Fiji Rugby comes to an end

Fiji Rugby Union {FRU} Board Chairman, Commodore Humphrey Tawake has confirmed that Director Tevita Tuiloa’s tenure as FRU Interim Chief Executive Officer {ICEO} ended as of the 3rd of March 2023.

Commodore Tawake said “Director Tuiloa has expressed his interest to formally apply for the advertised CEO role and to manage any conflicts the Board has elected not to continue his interim tenure.”

Until such time, that FRU elects a new CEO, the Board has elected Chairman Commodore Tawake as its Executive Chairman, a function which Chairman Commodore Tawake will discharge without any remuneration whilst in the process of appointing the CEO.

Commodore Tawake thanked outgoing Interim CEO Tevita Tuiloa for his leadership for the past few months and wished him all the best in the future.

Commodore Tawake will take up the position of Executive Chairman from Monday.

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