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Tevita Rokovereni’s family celebrates his Olympic achievement

After weeks of celebrating the achievements of our Olympic heroes, the Fiji men’s and women’s 7s team, members of the Tailevu Referees’ Association gathered last week to acknowledge their very own match official Tevita Rokovereni on his achievements in participating in the Tokyo Olympics in July.

Rokovereni’s family celebrated accordingly on the achievement he has accomplished as the first Fijian referee and the first in the pacific to officiate in the Olympics.

The National Fire Authority officer acknowledged the support and prayers from his family and the Fiji Rugby Referees association and Fiji Rugby for the opportunity to expose his talents as a match official locally to the highest level of competition in the Olympics.

“All of these was possible through the dedication and support from my family, the Tailevu Referee Association for their upbringing, the Fiji Rugby Referee Association for their support,” said Rokovereni.

“I also want to thank Fiji Rugby for giving me a chance to participate in local rugby competition and trusting me to partake in international tournaments and to officiate the highest standard of any sport, the Olympics and I’m forever grateful.

” I would also like to thank the management of the NFA for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Olympics and for believing in me.

Fiji Rugby operations manager Sale Sorovaki acknowledged Rokovereni for his hard work and to the Fiji Rugby Referee Association for grooming a talented individual who has done Fiji proud.

“We thank Te for his achievements especially accomplishing the highest level of sports in the world, that is the Olympics,” said Sorovaki.

“To officiate in the Olympics is an achievement of a lifetime, an accomplishment where we the Fiji Rugby can only look back and acknowledge the development and grooming from the Tailevu referee association for the upbringing of a talent that has made all of us proud as the first Fijian to officiate in the Olympics.

“Te has set a benchmark which the younger referees will want to accomplish in the future.”

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