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Tavua Rugby impressed with the introduction of development pathways in the region

Tavua Rugby Union Executive Committee representative Titilia Rokoiro has commended the Fiji Rugby Union Development Unit for introducing development pathways in the Tavua/ Vatukoula region.

Rakoroi shared how the FRU Development pathways has led her to the role of representative to the TRU Executive Committee.

The mother of 2 explained that such initiative by the FRU Development will build capacity for more women to be involved in the game, and will rake in more interest for upcoming generation.

Titilia Rokoiro of Tavualevu Village, Tavua has also been volunteering in our FRU GiR program since 2017 in Region 2 focusing on the Tavua/ Vatukoula cluster.

“I came to know about this program when my 2 daughters played for the Vatukoula Convent Primary School in the Tavua GiR festival. I was so interested so I followed the Teachers and Parents and even assisted the Development officer at that time in organizing the festival”, said Ms Rokoiro. From thereon, she attended a World Rugby Course Coaching course and the Get Into Rugby Coaching course and became heavily involved with the program.

Ms Rokoiro believed that providing a safe platform and a controlled environment is beneficial for girls development in the sports and she believes FRU Development programmes is why there’s an influx of girls joining rugby in the Tavua/ Vatukoula region.

Rokoiro has completed her World Rugby Administration Course, Strength and Conditioning, Level 1 Coaching, and Quick Rip/Rippa Rugby which increased her self-confidence, build strength, shaped discipline and build resilience for her and her community.

Ms Rokoiro got invited into the Tavua Rugby Union executive to assist in the recruitment process of their women’s team and is the Manager of the Tavua Women’s Team for the Vanua Cup Competition.

“During the Tavua Rugby Union Annual General Meeting, I was appointed to be the Women’s Representative to the Executive Committee, and would like to thank the FRU Development team for establishing those pathways that got me involved in the first place and has helped me developed as a leader in our community”, said Ms Rokoiro.

Rokoiro encourages all girls and women to never lose hope, she said that sky is the limit, “Set your goals, work hard to achieve it.”

“If you can’t play or run out onto the field, attend some other given courses, get yourself involved with rugby, and you won’t regret it,” said Rokoiro.

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