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Sesinieli Donu eager to reach pinnacle of her rugby career

Growing up from a young age, Sesinieli Donu has always been inspired by her fathers’ rugby journey while playing for their village rugby team.

Sesinieli’s fascination ignited her passion for rugby as she chooses to follow in her dad’s footsteps.

The 25-year-old Vatukarasa lass began exploring the rugby platform from primary school, as she recalled how she always plays rugby with the boys after school, even though most of his cousins tell her off, she’d continue to play.

Coming along the way, Sesinieli’s dad realizes her daughter’s love for the game, and without asking her to follow a different path, he encouraged Sesi to try and reach the pinnacle of her rugby journey.

Sesi went on to play rugby at high school as she represented Jasper Williams High. After High School, she switched code as she played rugby league for Lautoka and progressed to represent Fiji’s PM XII team that took on Australia back in 2019.

However, at this stage Sesi still feels the need to continue her rugby journey, even though she’s represented Fiji in Rugby League, Sesi feels there’s still a void she needs to fill on her rugby journey.

“Something that always motivates me is my dad’s advice asking me to try and make it to the top of my rugby career if I’m serious about my rugby journey,” said Sesinieli.

“Dad usually reminds me to try and beat him and reach the pinnacle of my rugby career, he told me not only to play at club level but to do my best and to don the Fiji jersey,” said Sesi.

Sesi went on to play for Lautoka rugby team where they claimed the 2020 Skipper Cup.

Sesi caught the attention of the Fijiana 7s coaching staff which lends her a spot in the Fijiana 7s extended squad for the 2021 Olympics.

Olympics is a massive campaign for any sports around the world, it’s the pinnacle of all sports, and looking back to her humble rugby journey, Soseceni knows that there’s no looking back and no excuse at this stage.

“I’m now a few steps away to reaching the pinnacle of my rugby career, and that is to be part of Fijiana 7s in the Tokyo Olympics, from here it’s all hard work and dedication, there’ll be no room for excuses it’s either I impress the selection coaches or go home,” said Sesi.

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