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Sesenieli Donu’s comeback journey

After a severe knee injury during the Women’s World Cup in 2022, Fiji Airways Fijiana 7’s Sesenieli Donu’s path to reclaiming her spot in the squad had been a tough one.

The injury, which required surgery, marked the beginning of a challenging chapter for Donu.

“My target is to work on my fitness so I can recover from my knee injury,” Donu said. “After my surgery, I had gained weight and it has been a long recovery. Then I was told to join training.”

Donu said throughout her recovery, she faced many hurdles.

“Some challenges I faced, sometimes I gave up and lost hope when it was taking long for me to recover.”

“I prayed for it and had the faith to continue with my rehab, and now I am preparing for the Olympics and hope to also secure a spot,” she said.

The 28 year old said her sister has been the reason she never gave up.

“My motivation is my sister; it’s just me and my sister. So she has always pushed me.”

“Coach has reminded us to work together and maintain good communication on the field,” she said.

Donu added that she had a mantra that kept her going during her rehab period.

“Don’t give up on your dream. This has helped me push through the toughest moments.”

Donu was also part of the 2020 Olympic Games squad and is hoping for another spot in Coach Saiasi Fuli’s final 15.

The Womens Rugby 7’s Competition at the Paris Olympic Games begins on the 28th of this month.

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