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Rugby Festival attracts more young participants

Waitui Waidroka Rugby Development held their Rugby Festival last week Saturday in collaboration with Fiji Rugby Development Unit at the Sawani Primary school ground.

The Waitui Waidroka Rugby Development engaged the Kalawa program into their Rugby Festival as they aimed to transitioned children from the 16 to 18 age group from Bula tag to the contact version of the game.

Fiji Rugby National Women’s Development Manager Vela Naucukidi explained that the Festival involves a non-tag, semi contact version that prepares these young players into the full contact version of the game.

“The Kalawa programme is played normally at under 11 onwards, and can be used well in other age groups as the focus is on functional roles and basic core development skills,” said Naucukidi.

Naucukidi emphasized that the Kalawa programme was integrated into FRU Development program as part of their new Rugby Development Model.

She added “This Rugby Development model includes Bula tag from U6-10, and the Kalawa for U11 and then Kaji Competition still remains as primary schools’ competition.”

To be able to witness the growing interest in young girls that turned out in numbers to the festivals is something that fascinates Vela, who mentioned that there is a growing passion for rugby among the young girls in Fiji.

“It is very encouraging to see more young girls playing nowadays with so much passion for the game, I commend the impressive work done by the volunteers/coaches and the parents in grooming these young boys and girls about rugby but most importantly the Rugby Values and Healthy lifestyle,” added Naucukidi.



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