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Male names Rooster Chicken Fijiana Drua squad for 2023 Super W season

Nine players from the Super W-winning Rooster Chicken Fijiana Drua have retained their spot in the team as they prepare to kick off the 2023 season against Brumbies next Saturday.

Karalaini Naisewa, Joma Rubuti, Mereoni Vonosere, Bitila Tawake, Jade Coates, Doreen Narokete, Merevesi Ofakimalino, Vani Arei and Vitalina Naikore were part of the squad which went unbeaten in their inaugural season.

Out of these nine players, six including Siteri Rasolea, Asinate Serevi and Sulita Waisega were also part of Fijiana 15’s to the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand last year.

Male said their guidance and experience are a boost to the side, especially to the new players who will get their first taste of the international game next Saturday.

“We have been in camp for the past three weeks and these girls have lifted the standard of performance to another level which has obviously helped the younger players to give their best while in training,” said Male.

He added “Come game week against Brumbies we need to sharpen up the structures of the game, play the game that we are known for and stick to our game plan.”

Captain Bitila Tawake said “It’s huge, we are the defending champions and everyone is coming for us. The only competition we have is ourselves and we are setting the standards ourselves as a team.”

She added “The team last year won the Super W so it a whole lot of pressure on us but we are excited about the first match. We have a lot of new talent which not many people have seen yet and we are excited to show that out next weekend.”

The Rooster Chicken Fijiana Drua takes on Brumbies at 1.35 pm next Saturday at Prince Charles Park in Nadi.


Rooster Chicken Fijiana Drua Squad:

  1. Karalaini Naisewa
  2. Siteri Rasolea
  3. Joma Rubuti
  4. Ana Korovata
  5. Mereoni Vonosere
  6. Bitila Tawake
  7. Litia Marama
  8. Makereta Tunidau
  9. Jade Coates
  10. Doreen Narokete
  11. Asinate Serevi
  12. Merevesi Ofakimalino
  13. Nunia Uluikadavu
  14. Sulita Waisega
  15. Susana Railumu
  16. Mereoni Nakesa
  17. Merewai Cumu
  18. Setaita Railumu
  19. Evivi Senikarivi
  20. Jennifer Ravutia
  21. Ani Mei
  22. Vani Arei
  23. Lavenia Tinai
  24. Vitalina Naikore
  25. Taraivini Raba
  26. Wainikiti Vosadrau
  27. Unaisi Tagabale
  28. Sera Bolatini
  29. Adita Miliana
  30. Alycia Namosimalua
  31. Laisani Moceisawana
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