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Lautoka bags first W in Vodafone Vanua Cup opener

The Vodafone Vanua Championship kicked off in style as the two old rival Lautoka and Yasawa opened the season with a scintillating game of rugby at Prince Charles Park in Nadi.

Lautoka executed a structured game play against a strong Yasawa side beating the Marlins in the first round of the Vodafone Vanua Championship.

The Lautoka side was clinical in their play using every opportunity to play territorial and bringing the pressure down to Yasawa conceding penalties and capitalising on it.

Yasawa’s swift attacking game caused a bit of chaos for the Maroons defence as the Marlins penetrated the Lautoka defence through their fast flow chaotic style of play.

Lautoka dominated the scrum which was a bonus for the Maroons as Yasawa conceded more penalties while Lautoka capitalise on it.

Game Details

Three minutes into the first half Lautoka captain Masi Serubasaga bulldozed his way into the try line dotting Lautoka’s first try putting the first point into the scoreboard 5 -0.

Lautoka continued to bring the play down to Yasawa’s 22 meter line applying the pressure and creating some unforced errors , in the 14th minute Yasawa conceded a penalty while Lautoka inside centre Netava Nayacalevu slotted over the 3 points extending the lead 8 – 0.

In the 22nd minutes Yasawa conceded yet another penalty right in front of the post after a continuous collapse of scrum while Lautoka’s flyhallf Peceli Talebula added the extra three 11 – 0

Yasawa replied with a try on the 25th minutes as the fast play from Yasawa backline gave inside back Vakacegu Tabakibau an opening to run straight for the try line putting Yasawa on the scoreboard 11 – 5.

Right before the halftime Lautoka’s Peceli Talebula extended their lead 14 – 5 before the 2 teams went for a breather.

Lautoka continued with their clinical play in the second half as they kept the play within Yasawa’a 22 meter zone while continuing to pile the pressure.

Yasawa conceded two more penalties in the second half as Lautoka continued to mount pressure exhausting the Yasawa side, Lautoka managed to secure their first win 20 – 5.

Lautoka will take on Navosa in the 2nd round of the Vodafone Vanua Cup while Yasawa hosts Malolo.

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