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World Rugby Level 2 sevens coaching course for super 7s series coaches

The Super 7s Series has provided a platform for Fiji Rugby Development Unit to roll out the World Rugby 7s coaching course with the aim of accrediting coaches that are involved in the series.

World Rugby 7s coaching course only consists of two levels compared to 15s coaching which has 3 levels. As the Super 7s Series kicks off, a key requirement was for coaches involved in the series to be accredited with world rugby level 2 sevens coaching, and this was the case in the last 2 weeks where all these coaches attended the first part of the course.

For the next few weeks, coaches will be able to go through their professional development in coaching.

The course helps coaches in terms of rugby 7s knowledge contents while it also sharpens their technical ability to eye out crucial details in the game of sevens, and how they can apply all these into their respective teams.

Fiji Rugby Union Development Unit Manager Mr. Koli Sewabu emphasized the need to bridge the gap between clubs and national levels in terms of local 7s competition.

“At least there’s not that much gap in the 15’s component as we’ve got club levels going on, then provincial levels, we’ve got national age-grade teams such as the U18s and U20s, and the Fiji Warriors or Fiji Drua before reaching the national level, so there’s lots of guidance and upskilling along the pathways,” said Sewabu.

“As for 7s it’s purely club competition straight to national teams and to the world sevens series, so there’s a lot of work that needs to be done to reduce the technical and tactical gaps of both players and coaches,” said Sewabu.

Sewabu said that this sevens coaching course is only limited to the coaches in the super sevens series due to its high-level accreditation.

“If we feel that some other coaches in top 7s clubs in the country need to take this course, then we’ll get them on board to be part of the coaching course,” said Sewabu.

A total of 29 coaches and management from the central and western division have completed their level 1 and are now working towards their level 2for the next few weeks.

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