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Selection closing in for Baber’s World Cup squad

With less than 10 days to go, the Fiji Airways Men’s 7s Head Coach Gareth Baber is looking for individual efforts in defense as he picks the final 12 for the Rugby World Cup 7s tournament next week.

“We are looking closely at the individual efforts in getting back onto their feet after tackles, the continuity of tackle techniques…what they’re doing when no one is watching, when the ball’s not in our hands,” Baber said.

One of the key areas of focus for the Baber has been the quality and accuracy of skill level, particularly in the forwards.

“We’re looking for good, smart, decisions makers…players who can continue to find solutions and make good decisions under pressure” he added.

With every position up for grabs, Baber knows the best competition is when team mates are competing against each other.

“The real test is when you’re standing against someone in your own position, working hard to win that spot”

The Head Coach has been pleased with the competence of effort and work ethic from his team to get back into position and keep applying constant pressure.

“We’ve got threats all across the field but it’s the effort at all times when we don’t have the ball that will allow those threats to come into play”

With the key ball carriers leading the front with Leone (Nakarawa), Paula (Dranisinikula), Josua Tuisova, the speedsters Naduva and Eroni Sau and the stepping talent of Ravouvou, Nacuqu and Jerry Tuwai, Baber has his hands full as the day draws near to select his final 12.

The final team will be announced this Sunday before the team flies out on the 16th of July to San Francisco.

Fiji are looking to tip the scales back up in our favour after placing 3rd in the 2009 World Cup and 3rd in the 2013 World Cup.

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