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Rugby Development outreach in Kadavu

Fiji Rugby Development team conducted a 1-week workshop in Vunisea and Kavala in Kadavu as part of their rugby development programme around the country.

The 3 days’ workshop includes level 1 coaching, match officiating, strength and conditioning and medical course.

Fiji Rugby Development has seen an increase of world rugby courses interests from the maritime zones around the country, in which they’ve pushed out world rugby courses into these regions.

It’s has been a long while since courses as such have been run on the southern island province and it has been a major success.

The objective is to help uplift coaching, match officiating, first aid response and conditioning players better to help establish safe and competitive rugby and lift standards on Kadavu and expose abundance of rugby talent on the island

Fiji Rugby Operations Manager Sale Sorovaki is part of the team as a coach educator, Sorovaki said that their workshop in Vunisea was a successful one after seeing the high response from the area.
“It’s a humbling experience to be here and to see the interest they have towards rugby development,” said Sorovaki.
“We’ve run our level 1 courses on all platforms, coaching, match official, strength and conditioning, and it’s encouraging to see how participants here are aspired to be accredited in these areas,” said Sorovaki.
“We spend two days here at Vunisea, and we’ll spend another two days in Kavala to push out our programme to those within that area,” added Sale.
Fiji Rugby Development Manager Koli Sewabu explained how they’re aiming to hone up rugby development in the maritime zone and help establish Unions within these regions to take part in Fiji Rugby’s competitions.
“What we’re trying to do is help develop rugby in all aspects of the game throughout our Maritime zones,” said Sewabu.
“Once they’re fully developed in all areas of the game, it’ll then help them establish their Unions, develop their own game and take part in our national competitions,” added Sewabu.
Sale Sorovaki said that Kadavu is aiming to revitalize their Rugby Union and the programme they’re running will definitely complement their move to enter Fiji Rugby’s domestic competition.
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