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QuickRip Programme expands in Kadavu

As the country is fighting against Non Communicable Dieses, there are also different ways and initiative the Government and other private sectors are following to decrease the cases.

Fiji Rugby Union in partnership with New Zealand Rugby introduced Quick Rip programme last year in an effort to promote a healthy Fiji through sports.

FRU aims to expand this programme throughout Fiji from the outer islands up to the interior parts of the country and so far its successfully getting there and most importantly promoting a healthy living.

The Island of Kadavu held its Quick Rip festival on Wednesday/ Thursday (27/11/19)(28/11/19) bringing together kids and youths from the 24 villages that’s been covered so far.

The festival hosted almost 200 children and youths where they played tag rugby, had screening conducted by ministry of health and enjoyed variety of fruits and healthy lunch.

Festival coordinator Ratu Kaminieli Nabalarua is thankful for the programme saying how helpful and effective it is in terms of “strengthening a healthy lifestyle to our people especially to our young ones.”

“Since the programme started we have also start to take actions of living a healthy lifestyle.”

Kadavu Yaubula committee has also began their village and community outreach in spreading this programme.

“We’re now focused on getting the children and youths of Kadavu to take part and live a healthy lifestyle.”

Vunisea Hospital Dietitian Priya Devi emphasized how effective this initiative is in terms of eliminating unhealthy habits to the upcoming generation and promoting healthy habits from a young stage.

“It’s a really an effective approach from FRU, once these kids are active and healthy at this developing stage we know that we’ll be having more healthy adults in the future.”

Kadavu Qiuck Rip Coordinator Jekeli Boginivalu said they’ve been constantly working alongside Ministry of Health in Kadavu to reduce the NCD cases in the Island and by far they’re progressing.

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