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Positive response to the EPP induction program in Suva

A three day Elite Player Pathway induction program is underway at the Pacific Theological College in Suva with 90 athletes from across Fiji participating in the high performance education and screening workshop.

EPP Academy Manager Bill Gadolo said the talent identification process focuses on three different categories of prospects.

“The first one is the pre-academy group in the age category of 15 to 18-years old.

“We then have the Apprentice group including school boys players and some who are working towards the Under-20 program” said Gadolo.

“The third group, who join on tomorrow will have been in the Pathway program for up to 3 years, many who are in the Fijian Drua, Warriors and Under-20s programs” he said.

Gadolo said the induction initiative driven by Fiji Rugby aims to introduce high performance framework principles to the next generation of rugby athletes and will call upon professionals across different disciplines to deliver workshops across the three days.

“The main priority is to introduce players to the content of being in the high performance academy, the expectations and routines, plus deliver lectures around strength and conditioning plus medical” he said.

In a new component to the 2019 program, the parents and caregivers of the athletes have been invited to attend a workshop around the support they can provide.

“The parents will have a two hour session on tomorrow morning.

“They will also be introduced to what goes on in the program, some of the issues we faced with the players in the past and how everyone as a group can support these players” said Gadolo.

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