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Fiji Kava launch new product range – a world beater!

Fiji Rugby partner Fiji Kava today introduced an extended range of Kava capsules products to the local market providing ground-breaking alternate solutions for performance recovery and relaxation. 
In a relatively new initiative for athlete performance recovery and management, the 100% plant based recovery supplements provide an option for players to utilise natural remedies in their relaxation and stress management. 
Fiji Kava General Manager sales George Kotobalavu suggests that players will benefit from the new rage of Kava products that are chemical free and scientifically proven to produce results in stress and anxiety relief. 
“Through our partnership we Fiji Rugby, we can provide a form of recovery for players that is a positive approach.  Our product is 100% plant-based and natural, and an option to support sleep and recovery.” 
Athlete mental and physical well-being is an area of high performance that has received more attention in recent years, and with many players bearing pain endured from training and injuries and the stress of maintaining performance consistency, there has been a need to seek options for supporting the athletes, as naturally as possible, through these situations.
Mr Kotobalavu says the partnership between Fiji Kava and Fiji Rugby provides a natural remedy solution for players recovery which is scientifically verified in terms of recovery and relieving stress and the capsules also provide an option outside of consuming litres and litres of Kava.   
“Our main focus in introducing the Fiji Kava range to Fiji Rugby has been for the player’s welfare.  To play some role in supporting their performances in tournaments such as the World Sevens series.” 
The new product initiatives are also a key strategic play for the proud Fijian company, aimed at penetrating the lucrative pharmaceutical market, where billions of dollars are spent annually on recovery, relaxation and anti-anxiety drugs.  
“We want to expand our reach across the globe to the international sporting industry.”
“With this aim comes great opportunity not only for Fiji Kava the company but also the players involved, the local Kava farmers across Fiji, and the Fijian community as a whole.
“We’re working with Fiji Rugby to look at initiatives in terms of benefits to our local farmers. As our international market business increases in terms of volume, that means that our purchasing from farmers and communities across Fiji also grows.”
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