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More match commissioners for growing domestic competition

Fiji Rugby Union Development organized a Match Commissioner’s (MC) course this week as part of the plan to increase MC’s within local tournaments from next year onwards.

The initiative is also set to increase  MC within the grassroots tournaments in order to develop the players and the game itself from an early stage.

FRU Development Manager Koli Sewabu emphasized that MC plays an important role in any given tournament or game looking at the fact that they look closely at player’s welfare.

With the increasing domestic tournaments within the past few years, it also sees a need for more accredited MC’s locally to monitor the game and our local players welfare.

“The idea to run a MC course was due to the past years which saw the increase in local tournaments and more teams taking part. Including the primary schools and secondary schools competition.”

Sewabu added that the course started with the primary and secondary schools match commissioners with the hope of getting more accredited commissioners into this platform to develop it.

This will also be a perfect platform for former rugby players and referees to get into, in developing the sports locally.

“This is also a pathway for former rugby players and refeeres who want to associate themselves in the development of the sport.”

Koli added that a total of 25 participants attended the course for the primary and secondary schools commissioners which they will take an online prerequisites course which runs for 2 days.”

“They’ll be involved in some local competition so they start applying the concepts of an MC and they’ll get their full accreditation once we observe that they’ve pass all criteria.”

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