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Free Resources for safe Return to Rugby.

World Rugby on behalf of the global Union family have released a range of useful downloadable resources for Clubs, gyms, teams and athletes who are preparing for the safe return to rugby amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we know, the health crisis has generated a changing face to the way we approach public hygiene, social distancing and our general care and respect for ourselves and those around us. 

In order to ensure the great game of rugby can be enjoyed by one and all under safe and hygienic practises we encourage everyone to download the below info-graphic posters, place them in easy to access points around your club house, training fields and gyms – and continue to be diligent in managing safety protocols as you return to Rugby!

Download the COVID-19 Return to Rugby protocols infographic here.

Download the COVID-19 Information and Rugby Safety Fact-sheet here.





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