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For Dolokoto its all about commitment towards passion.

Playing “down” (parochial term for rugby) is the after school way of life for every typical Fijian kid and for Mesulame Dolokoto the afternoons spent with the boys and the ball as a youth ignited the passion he feels towards ruthe game and laid a strong foundation toward his rugby journey.

He played Kaji Rugby in Primary School and progressed up to Secondary School Competition (Deans) with QVS where he was represented Fiji Secondary School Under 18.

That childlike passion for rugby has been a driving force for the back row turned hooker who’s 2018 has been a dream from the Swire Shipping Fiji Warriors to the Drua NRC campaign and earning his debut with the Fiji Airways Flying Fijians.

“I was fortunate to be selected into a few National campaigns which I am very grateful for and I know its all through the focus and drive you have towards what you want to achieve.”

Dolokoto knows his journey is just beginning and there’s a lot that he wants to achieve, but it’s going to take hard work and perseverance.

“When training or playing, or whatever things you’re doing in your life you must try to be better and try and improve every day.”

“It’s normal to stumble along the way or even fail sometimes, that’s what makes you improve and better yourself.”

“Pure hard work and grinding thru whatever you’re doing is the key to achieving your goals.”

Although the powerful young forward knows he hasn’t achieved it all on his own.

“I wouldn’t have met most opportunities without God’s love and the support coming from my Family and friends as without them I wouldn’t have gotten through at some point.”

With a huge calendar of rugby ahead, culminating in the Rugby World Cup the Swire Shipping Fiji Warriors hooker is determined to make an impact with his game.

“My goal is to rest on my rollers from last year and try to improve and reach a higher ground this year and ultimately try and make it to the World Cup squad.”

Beginning with a strong World Rugby Pacific Challenge campaign with the Warriors.

“Everything start starts here. From this WRPC campaign up to the NRC with all the work and commitment put in, it will improve the performance on the field and build up momentum and intensity towards the World Cup.”

He added that with the help of trainers, everything is going well on the road.

Mesu urges the young rugby fans and aspiring players to “keep on going as there isn’t any substitute for hard work, keep on going even though you’ll face difficulties along the way, just keep on working to achieve your goal, and most importantly obey your parents.”

Dolokoto will be playing for the Swire Shipping Fiji Warriors at the ANZ Stadium against Tonga A, where he invites all rugby fans in the country to come and show their support for the Nation.

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