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Fijian Latui switch on game mode

Fijian Latui are all settled, well composed and are ready to put on a show with just hours away to their first game of Global Rapid rugby. 

There is no serious concern within the team in terms of injuries or sickness as the boys are up to scratch ahead of this first round. 

They went through captains run earlier this morning touching base on key areas and running through their structure which went quite well. 

Head Coach Senirusi Seruvakula explained that the boys know what’s ahead and understands what is needed of them, he added that every single player who’ll be running out to the field tomorrow have a crucial role to play.  

At this stage everyone is switched on to focus mode as the players concentrates getting their mind around their structure play. 

“The boys are relaxed, they know the task ahead and everyone is focused to the game” 

“we need to have the right detail process it well and let the game take care of itself” 

Fijian Latui takes on China Lions 6.15pm tomorrow at the ANZ Stadium, Suva. 



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