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Dranisinukula is a prefect replacement says Coach Gareth Baber

Fiji Airways Fijian 7s coach Gareth Baber is confident that skipper Paula Drainisinukula will do his best when he leads the Fijian 7s brigade for the first time at Happy Valley.

“Paula’s understanding is very similar (to Nasoko) in the way we want to play the game. He leads by example and I’m pleased to have leaders like Kali and Paula and Jerry. Kali took over when Paula was not playing and now Paula has taken over the role when Kali is not playing.”

Baber also said the new players such as Napolioni Ratu and Livai Ikanikoda have been responding well in training.

“Napolioni Ratu came with us last year. He is a young man, he’s trained hard and worked to get himself back in the fold. The quality of his restarts are great and that’s exactly where we need to be.”

“Livai who has played well domestically, is very much responding well at the play-makers position. He has been working hard and I’m pleased with all the progress they are making.”

The Fiji Airways Fijian 7s side face Kenya in their first match at 11.37pm on Friday.

They take on Australia at 5.13pm on Saturday and then clash against New Zealand in a mouth-watering battle at 8.55pm Saturday.

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