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Dad inspired me says Fijian 7s forward Josua Vakurinabili

Fiji Airways Fijian 7s forward Josua Vakurinabili revealed that his Dad the late Tui Conua Ratu Luke Veidovi played a vital role in shaping up his rugby career.

Growing up as an ordinary kid in his village in Vatukarasa, Nadroga, the lanky forward never imagined that one day he would go on to don the Fijian 7 jersey and represent the nation at the World stage.

Vakurinabuli always had doubts about what life have in stored for him but his dad the late Ratu Luke always pushed him to achieve new and greater things.

Ratu Luke the late chief of the Tikina o Conua in the Nadroga Province passed away last week Monday and will be succeeded by Vakurinabili’s older brother Ratu Inia Tukere.

A man of dedication and support for his family and the Vanua affairs as Josh emphasised, Ratu Luke had been a crucial factor towards Vakurinabilis’ growth and achievements to this day.

“If it wasn’t for Dads guidance and mentorship, life would have taken other direction for me.”

Vakurinabili said “Everything I’ve achieved in life is through this humble man’s continuous support in my life which I’m so very thankful for”

He added “There’s always hardship and struggles growing up in the village, for me I manage to overcome all these hardships as dad always guided and supported me when I was a kid to where I am now.”

“Dad always encouraged me to strive for what I opt for in life and that is something that always keeps me going.’

“Even when I’m at the lowest point in my life, he is always there.”

His words of encouragement that echoes in my head that and will always keep me going” said Vakurinabili.

Josua Vakurinabili played a total of 143 matches in the 2019-20 series and raked in 235 points plus 47 tries.

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