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FRU Social Media Speculations

Following the discovery of certain breaches of internal processes, Fiji Rugby Union has terminated three staff last week, and this has promoted the FRU Board to also bring forward an audit that was scheduled for later on in the year as part of operations.

While addressing the media during a press conference this afternoon, FRU Board Chairman Commodore Humphrey Tawake said that they were conscious of social media speculations leading to misinformation, especially with FRU CEO Mr. O’Connor. In that regard, Commodore Tawake said:

“An audit is part of the everyday business function and for Fiji Rugby to facilitate that immediately, FRU CEO has volunteered to take annual leave to allow for the process to happen seamlessly”.  

FRU’s National Operations Manager, Mr. Sale Sorovaki will relieve the CEO for the next few weeks commencing from today so that FRU’s operations and domestic competitions remain unaffected.

Commodore Tawake further stated that “at this stage, there everything remains and operates as normal. We have just completed our provincial tournaments and have now moved our focus to the schools’ competitions. The daily operation at Rugby House also remains normal”.

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