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Fiji Rugby: Women in Rugby Talanoa Session

Suva, February 3, 2024 – Women in rugby has grown and developed at a rapid pace in Fiji, so much so, we are witnessing the fruits of the efforts placed during its genesis and the dreams of its pioneers becoming a reality with the success stories that have birthed since the inclusion of women into a male dominated sport.

To keep this momentum on track, and with a lens on inclusivity and equity, the Fiji Rugby Football Union Trust Board (FRFUTB) organized a one-day Women in Rugby Talanoa session that was held at the Wesley City Mission church hall today for representatives of women’s teams participating at this year’s Provincial Rugby Competition to have open dialogue on areas that need attention.

General Manager Operations and Development at Fiji Rugby, Sale Sorovaki mentioned that the talanoa session is a valuable initiative to engage with the women’s rugby community, fostering collaboration and identifying areas of improvement.

“Sharing knowledge and ideas will undoubtedly contribute to the continuous advancement of women’s rugby in Fiji. The commitment to producing not just talented athletes but also good people reflects a holistic approach that can have a positive impact on both the sport and the community,” said Sorovaki.

High Performance Manager Women’s Rugby, Alana Thomas shared: “2024 is a new beginning for Women’s Rugby here in Fiji with two very big years ahead of us. We have our Olympic Games for the Fijiana 7’s and the Fijiana XV’s have the RWC qualifiers. We have just had the first Women’s HPU Camp for 2024 and we will look to have a clear pathway and alignment through to the Fijiana 7’s & XV’s.”

“We have just seen the Women’s Deaf team win gold in Australia which shows the growth and depth of talent we have here in Fiji. As the momentum continues, it’s important to celebrate the achievements, learn from each other’s experiences, and collectively work towards creating an inclusive and thriving environment for women’s rugby in Fiji,” added Thomson.

Fiji Rugby Interim Board Member, Jenny Setto says today will be a chance to share knowledge and ideas to contribute towards the to drive in moving Women’s rugby forward here in Fiji. The people in this room are passionate about the Women’s game and continue to take it forward.

“One of the biggest challenges we face is the financial sustainability of our competitions and national teams. We have some great sponsors who have come on board and without them we would not be able to have these competitions and teams. However, we need more sponsors to develop and support these competitions. So, I urge all the stakeholders including the business communities to support and engage with the local rugby unions to provide financial support no matter how big or small the amount. We are grateful with the continued support for Women in Rugby from our partners and sponsors which includes ANZ, Vodafone and CJ Patel.”

This year’s provincial competition has been formatted with a focus on bridging the gap, meaning that the ANZ Marama and the Royal Tea Ranadi Cup will be run at the same venues as the Skipper Cup therefore making a day of rugby will also allow us to lift the profile of the Women’s game.

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