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Fiji Rugby launches a new brand “The WeetBix Raluve Secondary Schools Competition”

The Fiji Rugby Union revealed a new brand identity for the Girls Secondary School’s 15 aside competition today. We thank God Almighty for all His doing in Rugby and for this great opportunity

FRU Chief Executive John O’Connor said it’s another milestone achievement for Fiji Rugby and it’s a privilege to introduce the 2022 Fiji Rugby Raluve Trophy which now sets the platform for enhancing growth in Women’s Rugby in Fiji.

“Our ANZ Marama Championship and the Royal Tea Ranadi Cup have unearthed the talent we have amongst our girls and woman and has been the engine of growth in women’s rugby and we are excited now that we are going to launch the 2022 Fiji Rugby Raluve Trophy competition, a full version of 15’s rugby to be played at schools’ level and is another step in woman’s rugby pathways.

While revealing the Fiji Rugby Raluve Cup sponsor “Weetbix”, the Fiji Rugby CEO said the term Raluve symbolizes the grassroots of women’s rugby and the continuous development and growth of women rugby players to reaching the top.

O’Connor also acknowledged CJ Patel for coming on board to sponsor the Raluve Trophy competition. He said the competition will now officially be called “Weetbix Fiji Rugby Raluve Secondary Schools Girls Competition.

“We are so grateful and humbled for the support from CJ Patel. They are one of our long-term, loyal and genuine partners who have been with Fiji Rugby through thick and thin and have continued their support throughout the challenges of COVID-19 in the last two years.

We are so grateful and thank CJ Patel for the sponsorship of Raluve Trophy and their willingness to come on board when we approached them. They were excited and through their Weetbix brand, came on board to grab one of the most exciting competitions of Fiji Rugby” he said.

O’Connor added that through their partnership with Weetbix there is an opportunity for Fiji Rugby to provide morning breakfast to the participating schools in the Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western Zones.

“It’s going to be a huge year especially as we build up to the Rugby World Cup and we thank the Lord for all that he is doing for rugby in Fiji as we know there are challenges but every time there is a challenge we can see the hands of God working through our sponsors, staff and all involved.”

CJ Patel Group Marketing Manager Ashwin Prasad said they are overwhelmed to take on the naming rights of the Girls Secondary School Rugby Competition.

Prasad said “We see the need to support girls’ rugby in schools which ultimately supports Women’s Rugby. The Weetbix Raluve Secondary School Competition will help drive the development of Women in Rugby and help transition talent from a young age into the professional arena. It is our firm belief that development and support must start from the grassroots, and we have proven this with our 8-year strong commitment to Skipper Provincial Cup, and recently launched Royal Tea Ranandi Cup, and now, we start another long-term journey with the Secondary Schools Girls Rugby.”

“Weetbix has been in Fiji for over 20 years and is the number one brand of choice in every home when it comes to breakfast. We all have grown up chanting “Fiji Kids are Weetbix Kids” and now we are taking this support to the schools to help grow our future rugby stars. Support the journey of these young girls by cheering them on as they represent their schools as one day, they might be showcasing their talent on the global rugby scene”, said Prasad.

Close to 77 schools have registered to take part in the WeetBix Raluve Trophy which will be played in the Under 16 and 18 categories this year.

The schools will play in the allocated zones before the top teams qualify for the National quarterfinals which will be staged together with the Vodafone Deans Trophy.

O’Connor said “We already have 77 schools for the first year which itself is a huge number. We had planned initially to start small because we were not sure of the interest but now say the number of schools which have expressed interest is huge.

We want to use this platform to create the pathways for the young girls coming through Kaji and then to the provincial teams to the Fijiana Drua and national teams.

He added the Fiji Rugby Development Unit has been out on the field conducting various coaching courses to ensure the teachers are well versed with the rules and player welfare.

“We have done the groundwork and our Development Unit has been going around doing coaching clinics and also focusing on Strength and Conditioning accreditation so that there are qualified teachers around with enough knowledge to lead the school teams” said O’Connor.

He added “On behalf of the Fiji Rugby President, Chairman, Board of Directors, management, staff, and rugby family we would like to wish each and every school participating all the best for the next four months”.

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