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Fiji Rugby kick starts its rugby courses

As the vaccination rate approaches the 80% point and opening sporting venues for the people to enjoy their outdoors activities, the Fiji Rugby took the first step in organizing rugby courses according to the government protocols.

Last Monday on October 4th the Fiji Rugby reached out to the rural areas in Ra, Ba and Tavua approaching interested individuals who were fascinated to be involved with rugby.

Fiji Rugby Operations Manager Sale Sorovaki was amongst the facilitators that organized the event and promoted rugby administration to the rural areas.

“FRU was the first sporting organization that started with their rugby courses, immediately on the October 4th,” said Sorovaki.

“While there was some level of allowance, the priority for us is to keep all our people safe from COVID-19,” he said.

Having the interest to advocate on the administration and coaching skills of rugby, Sorovaki and his team were mindful of the government protocols regarding the COVID- 19 safety measures.

“Our approach is, everyone is deemed to have had the COVID-19 virus, and therefore our level of preparedness and awareness is still the same as when we first went into lockdown,” said Sorovaki.

“Running courses this week in Nanukuloa, Ra, Tailevu, Tavua and Ba, the FRU Training & Education team led by FRU Development Manager Koli Sewabu, wasted no time in getting out to the provincial unions.

“We remain vigilant, and we have tried to modify the way we conduct our rugby courses, the way our gym staff operate and how our field sessions will look like for the next few weeks anyway.

“Taking into account the public announcement by the government, and trying to interpret that into a rugby perspective, we have managed to put some protocol around the way we do things in Rugby.

“The announcement does not allow us to play rugby, or train ruck, maul and touch, leaves us with a few things that can still be done within our rugby bubble.”

3 Main Rugby Areas

1. Running Rugby Courses

2. On Field Training

3. Gymnasium

Designated COVID-19 Protocol Officer

A designated Covid-19 Protocol is selected from one of our Unions. His/her main role is to:

1. Check for Vaccination Cards. Accept only those that have been vaccinated twice.

2. Liaise with the Unions prior to the course and the area RDOs.

3. Keep a registration for all participants that take part.

4. Hand sanitizer

5. Wipe equipment such as balls, cones, hit shields and other equipment after every session.

6. Keep an eye on the running of the rugby program making sure that no one breaches the protocol.

COVID-19 Protocol

With courses starting again after six months, our rugby people have been waiting for too long to get back into any form of rugby.

The Fiji Rugby Union will be very vigilant in keeping all our provincial unions advised on the correct protocols and will be available to offer advice. No Tournaments or club games can take place unless they have a COVID-19 Safety Protocol approved by Fiji Rugby Union.

At the moment, our rugby is limited to Running Courses, On Field controlled coaching sessions (no rucks, mauls, lineouts and tackling) and gym training which are monitored by our gym staff.

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