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Fiji Rugby Extends Partnership with Fiji Kava for Three More Years

[Suva, 22nd January 2024] – Fiji Rugby has extended its partnership with medicinal kava health and wellness company, Fiji Kava for another three years.

Fiji Kava has been Fiji Rugby’s exclusive Kava Supplier for Fiji’s national rugby teams and grassroots community.

The partnership ensures that Fiji Rugby – gains access to a trustworthy, premium kava supply in Fiji Kava’s uniquely formulated noble kava varieties, which will be used to support physical and mental recovery.

General Manager Commercial, Broadcast & Marketing Avnil Pratap said, “We are thrilled to announce the extension of our partnership with Fiji Kava for another three years. This collaboration has been instrumental in providing our national rugby teams and grassroots community with a reliable source of premium kava.”

He added, “Fiji Kava’s commitment to quality and their uniquely formulated noble kava varieties align perfectly with our mission to support the physical and mental well-being of our players. We look forward to continuing this successful partnership and exploring new avenues for holistic health and wellness together.”

In addition to fostering physical and mental recovery, this extended partnership with Fiji Kava exemplifies Fiji Rugby’s shared dedication to promoting sustainable practices in the Pacific region.

Pratap said “Together, we are not only enhancing the well-being of our athletes but also contributing to the growth and prosperity of local communities involved in the cultivation of this culturally significant plant.”

Fiji Kava’s Founder and Executive Director, Zane Yoshida said, “We are excited and honored to support Fiji Rugby Union for a further three-year term. Fiji Rugby’s 15-a-side team has just concluded a successful campaign at the recent Rugby World Cup and the 7-a-side team are looking to replicate their gold medal winning performance at this year’s Olympic games.

This partnership connects our farmers with their national sporting heroes and ensures that they receive the highest quality Noble kava in Fiji.

As part of this renewed partnership, we will be working with the team at Fiji Rugby to launch unique co-branded kava products that will aide in player recovery from significant physical and mental challenges both on and off the field.

In Fiji, rugby and kava are both intertwined in our DNA and we are delighted to announce that FijiKavaÒ and Taki MaiÒ will remain as the official kava of our men and women’s national teams.

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