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Fiji Rugby Expands Union Landscape with Addition of Two New Unions

Suva, January 31, 2024 – The Fiji Rugby Football Union Trust Board (FRFUTB), proudly announces the inclusion of two new unions into its growing Rugby Vuvale. This strategic expansion marks a significant milestone in the development of the local rugby scene and underscores FRFUTB’s commitment to fostering inclusivity, diversity, and a thriving rugby community.

The two new unions joining the Fiji Rugby Provincial Competition under this year’s Vodafone Vanua Cup are Taveuni and Kadavu Rugby Union’s who both bring a shared passion for the game with a strong player base which enhances the level of competition, promising an even more exhilarating and competitive season for players and fans alike.

Fiji Rugby’s General Manager Operations and Development, Sale Sorokavi believes the addition of the two Unions will provide rugby enthusiasts with a more intense and thrilling sporting experience.

Sorovaki shared: “The expansion of our provincial competition brings a lot of excitement to a new player and fan base, and we acknowledge the contributions by stakeholders from both unions to make their dream a reality.”

“Both unions have already produced competitive teams at local 7s and 15s competitions that were sanctioned by Fiji Rugby, where the local rugby community have caught a glimpse of the player base available to the two island Unions”

“Through these two Unions, it is our hope that the values of rugby are trickled down through their grassroots levels as well as fostering healthy lifestyles within their communities,” added Sorovaki.

The Fiji Rugby Provincial Competition will commence at the end of February with the commence and draws to be announced soon.

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