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Drua upcoming prospect Vinaya Habosi acknowledge Family support

Twenty-one-year-old Fijian Drua rising star Vinaya Habosi acknowledges his families support and cherished his upbringing which reminding him that hard work, perseverance and his faith in God will take him places and see him through his ambitions.

The youngest of six siblings and raised by parents Iliesa Habosi Sr and Karalaini Qauqau, taught the Namosi try scoring machine that hard work and respecting his elders will always have a bright pathway paved for him.

Living a simple village life where chores such as farming and going fishing by the Sigatoka river banks was regarded as duties that has to be accomplished every day for him and his two elder brothers with no excuses while his three sisters helped their mother with housework.

Known as ‘Bine’ during his childhood days, the youngster has always admired his big brother’s rugby career, Aporosa Tabulawaki who played for the Fijian Drua as winger in the Australian National Rugby Championship in 2018-2019.

His father Habosi Sr, was emotional when his youngest child was named in the recent Fijian Drua squad that is bound to leave the country in coming weeks.

“I thank the Lord Almighty for his blessings to my son and my family,” said Habosi Sr.

“Bine was always the quite one at home and he watched his big brother, making a name for himself in the Coca-Cola Games and into the Nadroga rugby team, representing the Fiji 7s team to the South Pacific Games and into the Fijian Drua team and that I believe was also a motivating factor for him.

Habosi Sr was the sole breadwinner for his family during their school days and he has always provided the best for his family despite the financial strains he faced during those days.

“I raised my children with one goal and that is for them to realize how hard work and their faith in God will take them a long way and I’m proud of his achievements,” he added.

“I have seen what rugby has done to my family and hope to see my youngest son achieve more in the future.

“During our family devotion every evening at 7pm is when I get to talk to them and remind them that God has all the answers to their questions and if they are seeking as to what they may achieve in the future, I believe for Vinaya, this is the time he has been waiting for.

“However I will always acknowledge the National Fire Authority for giving him an opportunity to work and support his family back at home

Habosi was also part of the Flying Fijians team that played the All Blacks in July and he has learnt a lot camping and training with some of the world’s best players.

“I believe that nothing is impossible if you believe in God,” said Habosi.

“Through the hardships we faced growing up in the village, I want to take this opportunity to pay my parents back for their sacrifices and commitments.

“I have learnt a lot since I started playing for the Namosi team in provincial rugby competitions and into the Fiji 7s team extended squad for the Olympic Games and also being part of the Flying Fijians team which played All Blacks.

“I would like to acknowledge the management of the NFA for giving me a job to support my family and showcase my talent in the NFA rugby team and also the Fiji Rugby Union for choosing me but most importantly to God for his blessings and giving me a family that supports me at all time.”

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