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Coach Byrne looks to add more to Fijian rhythm of play

Fijian Drua head coach Mick Byrne is enthralled by the Fijian chaotic style of play, and he is eager to orchestrate the fast-flowing rugby Fijians are renowned for when he begins his term with the Drua in the 2022 Super Rugby season.

Coach Byrne explained that the special thing about a foreign coach to take up any Fijian rugby team is being able to let the players express what they’re naturally gifted with.

“It’s about making sure that our players can come in and express what they’re naturally gifted with,” said Byrne.
Coach understands that Fijians executes a fast flowing rugby, and for him it’s all about trying to get these players to their fullest potential at a high level.
“Outside of Fiji, people will look in and see the sort of exciting rugby Fijians play, and having been through a lot of Super Rugby experience in the past 15 years, one of the key things for me is to ensure the sort of our style and expectations based on our squad,” added Byrne.
Coach said that he isn’t interested in trying to change the rhythm of play for the team, but he’ll built up on what is already established.
“Certainly, won’t be coming in and implanting any sort of style into the team, we’ll see what our squad is when we get there and we’ll built for that,” said Byrne.
He further added that their expectations are to play exciting rugby, “and see that our team are expressing themselves and performing well.”

“At this stage its very early days, and we’ll look to get our squad together and then we can start to work on our season plans,” he added.

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