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A tussle between Tailevu and Namosi ended in a draw

It was a hard fought battle between Tailevu and Namosi in the 6th round of the Skipper Cup as the intense match ended in a draw 21 – 21 at Ratu Cakobau Park, Nausori.

The two teams fought on to the final whistle and momentum were high right from kick off to the 80 minutes mark.

Namosi opened the scoreboard early into kickoff after Tailevu was penalised for not rolling away as Peniasi Ratu kicked the penalty over 3 – 0.

7 minutes later Namosi conceded a penalty for a high tackle and Tailevu capitalised on it after Alivereti Mocelutu level the score 3 -3.

Namosi’s inside centre Timoci Daurua made a sloppy kick from their 22 meters straight to Tailevu’s winger who catches the ball running straight for the try line after an overlap from Namosi’s defence led to his try giving Tailevu the lead 10 -3 `

Tailevu shifted the ball out wide after noticing an overlap in Namosi’s defence line, Tailevu winger chip the ball and chased it down the corner dotting Tailevu’s second try 15 -3 on the 33rd minute.

Namosi’s forwards pack went to work as they drive their way closer to the try line gaining meters before they deliver the ball out wide to Seremaia Komailevuka to dive over scoring Namosi’s first try 15 – 8 before the half time break.

Namosi got the first point on the board on the second spell after a fast play and a clean break from inside centre Vatilai Tora took the play into Tailevu’s 22meter zone before Namosi hooker Komailevuka bulldozed his way into the try line scoring their second and levelling the scoreline 15 – 15.

Namosi was penalised for overside right in front on the post and Tailevu took the lead after flyhallf Mocelutu kicked over the 3 pointer 18 – 15.

On the 72 minutes Tailevu conceded a penalty while Namosi’s level the score 18 -18.

Another penalty to Namosi right in front of the post as Saukuru extended their lead 21 – 18 on the 75th minutes and right in the dying minuet Tailevu’s fast play brought the game down to Namosi’s 22 meter zone, Tailevu applied pressure forcing Namosi to conceded a penalty in front of the post while Poasa Waqanibau kicked the 3 points levelling the score 21 – 21.

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