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Nadroga jersey shares an important message to its family

The Nadroga rugby team has a slightly different design on their jersey for the 2021 Skipper Provincial Cup, with a fading image of the CORONA-VIRUS printed on their jerseys.

Many have their own thoughts of the new design, but the Nadroga Rugby Union family had it printed on their jersey as a challenge that they will continue to move forward despite the impacts that COVID-19.

Former Nadroga captain Sakiusa Nakalevu said it has a meaning that gives the players hope and challenges them to turn the tables this season compared to last year’s performances.

“We all faced the wrath of COVID-19, and for us the tourism industry was affected which was a main source of income to our Nadroga family but we remained bold and strong to overcome the challenges,” said Nakalevu.

“Our families and supporters lost their jobs because the tourism industry was crippled but they continued to come in numbers and support us players and the officials.

“Our plans for development and improving our standard dropped but we stood up and rose to the challenge and even though we failed to maintain the INKK Fiji Rugby Farebrother trophy, we never gave up and continued to work as a family, as a team and we will make a comeback this year.

“The Nadroga rugby team sees the jersey as a challenge that we the Stallions will continue to gallop through COVID and show the world Nadroga can beat anything that stands on the way.”

Meanwhile the Stallions have proven in their first two games that they mean business after beating the Skipper Cup champions Suva 25-17 in the first round and Namosi 29-28 in the second round.

They will take on Tailevu in their next match at Lawaqa Park.

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