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(Monday, 15th May: Warwick Fiji, Coral Coast Fiji) : Warwick Hotels and Resorts – Pacific has partnered with the Fiji Rugby Union (FRU) to support neighbouring communities along the Coral Coast. The partnership sees Warwick Hotels and Resorts becoming a Supporting Hotel Partner to FRU through meetings and events.

Working through three of its properties including Warwick Fiji, The Naviti Resort and Tambua Sands Beach Resort, the major hotel brands’ community efforts are targeted at lifestyle, education as well as social and economic initiatives for the empowerment of women, men and youth in the region.

“Hotels play an important role in Fijian communities. We’re thrilled that Warwick Hotels and Resorts – Pacific is making such a commitment to looking after their local communities andwe look forward to working with them,” said CEO of the Fiji Rugby Union, John O’Connor.

“The partnership with Fiji Rugby Union is well aligned considering Coral Coast is the source of many of our worlds rugby greats,” says Dean Swaagman, Regional General Manager Warwick Hotels & Resorts – Pacific.

“As a major employer in the region, our priorities lie in the community’s health, safety, employment and income security, children’s education, youth’s careers as well as sports and recreation initiatives to name a few.”

Warwick Hotels and Resorts – Pacific engages in Community Programs aimed at preserving the environment as well as developing opportunities for surrounding areas with a focus on youth.

Activities range from cleaning local beaches and roadside, infrastructure works on schools and health centres, providing workshops for career progression and health benefits to facilitating donations from guests and stakeholders both in country and overseas.

Warwick Hotels and Resorts recently hosted FRU and its members at the Skipper Cup and Vodafone Vanua Championship 2017 workshop and launch.


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