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Seruvakula to Attend ARU Level 3 Coaches Course

The Fiji Rugby Union has today confirmed that Telecom Fiji Warriors Coach, Senirusi Seruvakula has been selected to attend the Australian Rugby Union’s Level 3 Coaches Course at the ARU in Sydney, Australia.

Seruvakula flew out of the country this afternoon to attend Stage 1 of the course which begins tomorrow.  The one year course has been broken down into three stages with Stage 2 scheduled for June.


Seruvakula is an accredited World Rugby Level 3 coach and says that this is an opportunity for him to develop his coaching skills.

“It is an honour to be selected by the FRU for this course, as it will help me develop my coaching skills and understand more about modern rugby.”

“I have been involved with Provincial Rugby for the past 9 years, and most recently coach for the Telecom Fiji Warriors.  This course will be an added advantage to my coaching knowledge and career and I cannot wait to get started.”

Seruvakula is the only Pacific Islander that will be attending the course with top coaches from around Australia and he says that it will be an opportune time for him discuss with them ways on how to improve on the team’s performance.

FRU CEO, Mr John O’Connor says that Seruvakula appointment to attend the course is in line with FRU’s plan to upskill the national coaches so that they are better qualified and accredited.

He added that Seruvakula is the first of the local coaches to attend the course and this came about after his meeting with World Rugby and the ARU last year.

“This appointment will not only benefit Seruvakula, but the union as well as it is in line with FRU’s long term plan to ensure that all our local national coaches have the qualifications to coach our Elite Teams.”

“Our relevant intention is to send more coaches, Strength and Conditioning Staff, Trainers, Referees and other technical officials for such overseas attachment and development training with our Australian counterparts.”

Mr O’Connor also highlighted that discussions are also in place with the NZRU on the possibility of similar courses, training and work attachments four our provincial coaches, our technical staff, Strength and Conditioning Staff and Match Officials.

“To uplift the standard of our rugby in Fiji, we have to invest in the Education and Accreditation of our coaches, S&C Trainers, Referees and Technical Officials.”

“This is a first for the Fiji Rugby Union and I congratulate Seruvakula on his selection for this course and wish him well.”

The first stage of the ARU Level 3 Coaches Course will begin tomorrow will run for 6 days with the second stage to be held also in Sydney in June.




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