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Fiji Airways 7s Team Sets Focus on London and Paris.

The Fiji Airways 7s team marched back into camp today in preparation for the final two HSBC World 7s Series tournaments in London and Paris which will be on 2-3 June and 9-10 June respectively.

The Jerry Tuwai captained side is currently at the top of the points table after winning both the Hong Kong and Singapore 7s and Fiji Airways Coach Gareth Baber says that the team will have to maintain their fitness, be at their best  and focus on the task ahead in order to win the 2017/2018 HSBC World 7s Series.

“My focus is to get the players physique up and focus on the task ahead of us which is the London and Paris 7s and the Sevens World Cup,” Baber said.

“We have achieved a lot in winning four tournaments and for that I am grateful to the boys, but it isn’t over yet. We have the Sevens World Cup and the series title in our target.

“The boys know what they are capable of and my job is to set them on the right path, lead them where they should go.

The team had a Yoyo session today before marching into camp and Baber says that the team would continue to work for excellence.

“I want my players to move their performance one level up and keep the tempo on every match they play. “Every player has individual skill that differentiates one from another.

“They are gifted players and I am proud to be coaching this group of boys. “If we want to win, we will have to make use of the time given in all our matches that we play. “Score as many tries so that we can avoid making last-minute tries that always keeps us on the edge of our seats, but that is why Fijian players are different. They always save the best for the last minute.”

“Winning the London and Paris 7s would be great but we are not focused too much on the outcome as obviously the players are aware of it,” he said.

“We tend to look at what process is there to get us where we need to be and that is what we have done in the last season and this season.

“We find ourselves in a position where we have a chance of doing something, but a lot changes in the two tournaments,” Baber said.

The Fiji Airways 7s team has been drawn in Pool A of the London 7s and Baber says that the side will be looking to continue their winning streak when they take on Argentina in their opening game of the day, with last year’s HSBC London Sevens champions Scotland facing New Zealand in their tournament opener.

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