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Raikabula Momoedonu

Player Name
Raikabula Momoedonu
How does being an athlete makes you a better person?
For me training with my mates and being a part of a Team has always motivated me to be the best version of myself. Over the years being an athlete has taught me values that I have been able to apply in my life. It has made me appreciate the little things in life & to learn from the bad experiences both on and off the field.
What do you like about playing alongside your teammates?
Creating winning moments & fond memories that will last a lifetime.
What is you ‘WHY’ / the reason or person you play the game for?
To be the Best.
What’s your favorite song that hypes you up before any game?
Hans Zimmer – Time
What’s your favorite sports movie?
Remember The Titans.
How do you focus before you play?
I have a checklist of things that I run through on game-day. It includes meditating, having a light breakfast, listening to my hype song and avoiding conversation.
After a good performance, what is one thing you always do?
Pray and give thanks to the LORD.
Do you have a self motivational quote / scripture / other that inspires your performance?
How do you relax away from rugby?
Watching a movie and going out to eat.
Describe yourself in two words?
Friendly Shy
What are your plans / dreams after you finish playing rugby?
Hopefully nearing the end of my Career I will open a Cafe and invest a lot in Real-estate.
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