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Quick Rip and GIR builds up rugby interests for Primary school students

Tavua Primary school head teacher Mrs Vaneeta Nair Prasad shared how Fiji Rugby Development’s Quick Rip and Get Into Rugby program has involved many young girls into rugby, and how it had maintained an active lifestyle for most primary school students.

Prasad explained that the past years of being the head teacher at Vasist Muni Primary school, she has observed how these program had enticed young girls to venture onto the rugby development pathway.

“The excitement just builds by the name of the game itself,” said Prasad.

“Get into Rugby and Quick Rip motivates one and all, students look forward to come to school daily because of GIR and QR and as such, It builds the excitement and creates cheerful environment,” she added.

Prasad emphasized how the program was inclusive and how it had ignited that excitement among the students especially the girls as they felt safe.

“I still remember the excitement and the smile, Get into Rugby brought into the students from the very first day, the spirit was there, every students at once had an idea about what all GIR was about and most of the girls enjoyed these program, same spirit was amongst the teachers as well.”

“On the personal level, two of my daughters were in the team, I still remember, how well the girls played at Vasist Muni Primary School, it will be our life time memory.”

Prasad explained that program had an impact on these children’s life of the classroom, it encouraged the young girls that rugby is for all, it increased the students participation in the classroom, and improves their daily attendance.

“Yes, impact of the program is such as the absenteeism improved, students talked and taught each other on the rules of the game in class, it created a positive atmosphere in the school, children looked forward to the matches and most were staying active” said Prasad.

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