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Latui fall short in first round of Rapid Rugby

Latui launch their Global Rapid Rugby Campaign in a pulsating encounter going down in the final moments 29 – 22 against China Lions.

A dominant scrum, was an area of strength for Seruvakulas’ side as their drive continued to pay dividends forcing Lions to concede early penalties.

Teti Tela slot a penalty over the post from Lions 10m putting them up on the scoreboard while Lions suffered an early blow when captain Hugh Blake suffered a hamstring just minutes into the first half

High and early momentum caused both teams to opt for territorial play while the onslaught from the Latui ravaged the Lions defensive line as Latui continue to penetrate forward pouring pressure onto the Lions.

 Lineout from Latui inside Lions 10m line missed the jumper only to be picked up by Eremasi Radrodro running straight for the try line. Lions hit back with a successful penalty from inside Latuis’ 22 adding to their scoreboard.

The second spell started in an attacking phase for Latui as they relish the ball in some quick phases, but It was a structural shift from the Lions turning things around and bringing a swift attack to the Latui.

A sweet move from the lions bringing the attack to latui running from the 50m right down to Latui 22, recycling the ball as Latui was outnumbered slicking away an opportunity to the Lions for a try in the corner.

 China Lions’ open structure play thus punting the ball deep down Latuis’ territory created a bit of chaos for the opposition.

Lions swarmed on their attack with a clean break from Joe Johnston as he kicked and chased only to be taken down by Jone Manu giving away a penalty try.

Another clean break from Lions Sten Van De Hoven running straight for another try. Latui remained composed maintaining the Lions attack and keeping up on their defensive line.

A slick move from Latuis’ Teti Tela timing his pass perfectly to Raiyala who ran straight for a try narrowing the scoreline.

Big scrum from the Latui right inside Lions 22 with a nice deliver from Leone Nawai to Vota who dived over for a try leveling up the score 22-22.

A straight comeback from the Lions seeing some fast-pace attack and swift handling with a stunning finish from James Little as he cruises his way to score the winning try 29-21.

The Fijian Latui will play South China Tigers in the round 2 of Global Rapid Rugby next week Saturday at Albert Park, Suva.

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