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High Performance outreach programme in Taveuni

Fiji Rugby High Performance Unit will travelled to Taveuni next week for a 1-week rugby development programme and HPU Academy camp.

The programme includes integrated coaching courses, training sessions with HPU Academy players and a workshop for Taveuni Rugby Officials.
 Fiji Rugby Elite Player Pathway Manager Bill Gadolo said that it’s important for the HPU Academy players to visit other part of the countries where they’ll train with the locals, and also to help the locals with the basic rugby fundamentals which will develop their game vice versa.
 Bill Gadolo said that Taveuni is known for breeding many rugby legends.  
Now that they’re looking to form their own Union, Gadolo believes that it’ll be crucial for Fiji Rugby HPU to frequently roll out its development programme at the Island to help build a strong foundation for them looking at all aspects of the game.
 “We’ll be in Taveuni for 1 week and we’ll set out some integrated coaching in the Island with some training sessions with our academy players and also to engage Taveuni Rugby Union officials,” said Gadolo.
Gadolo believes that their trip to Taveuni will help their Academy players in terms of rugby community awareness, and will also help players in Taveuni in terms of broadening their knowledge on High Performance.
The team will travel to the garden Island of Fiji on the 14th of this month where they’ll roll out their programme throughout the week and they’ll return to Suva on the 18th.  
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