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Getting to repeat their previous performance is crucial : Baber

Going into the Sydney 7s this weekend Fiji Airways Fijian 7s coach Gareth Baber urges the boys that eying a back to back title is not about the win but most importantly its about getting to repeat their previous performance with the same level of intensity.

Baber emphasized that they’re pretty confident whereas their main challenge is to repeat what they’ve just done in last week’s tournament.

“we’ve never manage that certainly since ive been here to be able to put back to back tournament together and for us as a group back to back win is not about winning but getting the repeat of a performance and as international athletes that’s what I really focus on,” Baber said.

Last week’s tournament was a revelation of the boys hard work in their conditioning process towards the tournament, both physically and mentally as they showed class and high level of intensity, and in every game they played they control the pace without any pressure where they also execute their strategy perfectly.

“If we’re able to repeat the performance that we put on last week than it’s the sort of consistency that’s showing the way that we are for each other” added Baber.

He explained that the endpoint of everything they do is derived from the behavior they show from day to day together with the support from staff and FRU, and all these factors is critical in producing these kinds of performances and the outcome will be the outcome which he can’t change.

“What I can do a lot about is how we are as a group and the mental process that we go through to put ourselves in a position to emulate what we just achieved,” Baber added.

He added that winning the next tournament is about getting back to where they need to, getting back to their work and most notably probably putting the players in the right mental state to be able to go and do it again.

Baber said that the boys are very much driven by the next challenge which obviously is quite refreshing in some respects as sport is all about the big win, “its all about winning everything and I wholeheartedly believe in the development of these individual being based around what they can control and what we do day to day and ensure that we’re looking after what needs to be looked after to put into their performances.”

The boys will play their first pool game against Japan this Saturday at 12:34pm and take on England at 6:02pm and they will face Samoa in their last pool game at 10:07pm.

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